Wednesday, August 17, 2005, 12:00 pm


Do you want to make an exhibition together with the Finnish artists group Association of Experimental Electronics (AEE) this summer? You will invent, design and build new musical instruments made from junk electronics. The exhibitions will take place in Gallery 21, Malmö – Sweden, Kunstlaboratoriet Vestfossen – Norway and Århus - Denmark .

AEE is a group of four artists/technicians/musicians. They work with old thrown-away electronic devices such as VCRs, tape recorders, toys etc. that’s used to construct new musical and visual instruments. These instruments are then put together in big installations called “sound systems” which partly are interactive.

Before each of the exhibitions a workshop will be held where you together with AEE will build the works for the exhibitions. No previous experience in electronics is needed – just an open mind!

Quote from AEE:

“We will have an open audioelectronic workshop, where we will try to transform electronic waste into sound producing devices.Our medium is electronic waste. We collect old consumer and professional electronics, tear it apart or modify to produce or modify sound. In Malmö, Vestfossen and Århus we will concentrate on presenting this process. Process is open, anyone can participate. We call the process experimental electronics. With experimental we point more at tradition of experimental electronic music, than scientific repeatability. We want electronics to be creative, interesting, unpredictable and fun.”

Now its time to apply for the workshop in Vestfossen. The workshop takes place at Kunstlaboratoriet in Vestfossen between the 17th and 21 of August.

The fee is 700 NOK and includes all materials, some food and a place for you to put up a tent.

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